Identity Crisis?

My Zodiac sign used to be Virgo till suddenly, one day, it is decided that I should be a Leo. And then, to add to my intense fury, Wikipedia says that the existence of the 13th Sign has been argued over since at least the 1970s! So we all read the wrong zodiac predictions all our lives because some astrologers thought they were right, only to realize so late that they were not?!! What a disaster! I’m freaking out like 20 other friends of mine who updated their Facebook statuses to show their immense indignation at this very important turn of events.

How am I supposed to get up one day and start acting like a Leo when I am such a Virgo at heart? Even though (technically) I have been acting like a Leo all along, and not a Virgo, since that is what I have always been! Does this confuse you as much as it is confusing me?
And now my mom smirks at me and tells me that according to the Indian Zodiac, which I am actually supposed to be ‘following’, I’m a Vrishchika, which is Scorpio!
What a big identity crisis, isn’t it?