On tiptoeing into poem interpretation and reading Cat and the Moon by WB Yeats

But even without that little spiced factual/historical tidbit, the imagery is so compelling. These playful, almost innocent visuals of a cat dancing in the moonlight, make it impossible not to dive into the poem!

On comfort needs, comfort reads and reading Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke

For an entire month, I’ve found myself writing posts and deleting them, because they did not sound right enough or because they revealed too much or too little. I have never suffered this kind of writer’s block in all these years, something that led me to avoid the blog not for lack of things toContinue reading “On comfort needs, comfort reads and reading Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke”

Postcard, a poem by Margaret Atwood

This year I’m experimenting a little with the blog, and writing about poems is something I want to try. This is not a poem I have spent months dwelling over, reciting and loving. It is a poem I stumbled across the other week, on Poem Hunter, during one of my usual guilty-pleasure John-Donne-reading-sessions.  Postcard byContinue reading “Postcard, a poem by Margaret Atwood”

Wenlock Edge by Alice Munro

Wenlock Edge by Alice Munro is a story from the collection Too Much Happiness. This is one of those stories by Munro that you can read in the New Yorker (although the book version is slightly modified and more impactful, so do try to get your hands on the book.) I’ve been tackling the book fairlyContinue reading “Wenlock Edge by Alice Munro”

A Short History of the World – A Book Spine Poem

A Short History of the World  Red Earth and Pouring Rain Magic of the Angels Sacred Games, Burning Bright, The End of the Gods. Born Free, Going Solo, All Creatures Great and Small. A Time to Kill Men of Honour, A Fraction of the Whole. – a poem by my’shelf’ The books are all different sizes,Continue reading “A Short History of the World – A Book Spine Poem”

Two Poems based in Folklore – German Literature Month 2012

The German Literature Month 2012 is hosted by Caroline at Beauty is a Sleeping Cat and Lizzy at Lizzy’s Literary Life. The first week is for novellas, plays and poems. I read two books of poems, one by Goethe and another by Heinrich Heine. This post is about two fascinating poems, which are based, to anContinue reading “Two Poems based in Folklore – German Literature Month 2012”

Free Verse or Formal Verse?

In my last post, I asked you to tell me about your favourite poems. Recently I’ve been going through a lot of “calls for submission” as a part of some work! I noticed many publishers mention that they only accept free verse or modern style and that do not accept poetry ‘with rhyming lines’, as ifContinue reading “Free Verse or Formal Verse?”