On teaching, children and a short month-long volunteer experience

(Has anyone noticed how terrible I am at coming up with titles?) Today’s post is a condensed (yes, it was even longer) form of an essay I wrote for a job/fellowship application. I have since accepted another role, so here I am reposting this to the blog. In November last year, I took up a month-longContinue reading “On teaching, children and a short month-long volunteer experience”

“Indian in blood, English in tastes” – bilingualism and language education

(this is not a direct reference, but representative of the sad books I am buried in lately) This past month I have been working on my Masters’ dissertation in psycholinguistics. The project is not what this post is about, but something I stumbled upon during my research. My subjects were 13-14 year old students fromContinue reading ““Indian in blood, English in tastes” – bilingualism and language education”

For the love of writing

I miss my book club. A lot of people I know like to write and love to read. But there is something special about those who make time for it on the one free day of the week. My home town was a fairly culturally-active place. I have been missing that sense of intellectual stimulationContinue reading “For the love of writing”

August in Review: Visiting A Palace

The last month was pretty busy. The posts I had scheduled in July kept the blog up and running. But they do not extend into September. As I am not ready with a review, this post will be about what I have been up to lately. A few weeks ago, a couple of friends andContinue reading “August in Review: Visiting A Palace”

On simple pleasures and a long overdue day-trip

This post is not about books. Let us call it an answer to, “What do you do other than read?” – an annoying question that is often popped my way. Last week I took a much needed day-out – a tiny road trip to a place called Mahabaleshwar, about a three hour drive from home,Continue reading “On simple pleasures and a long overdue day-trip”