On comfort needs, comfort reads and reading Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke

For an entire month, I’ve found myself writing posts and deleting them, because they did not sound right enough or because they revealed too much or too little. I have never suffered this kind of writer’s block in all these years, something that led me to avoid the blog not for lack of things toContinue reading “On comfort needs, comfort reads and reading Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke”

Peeling the Onion by Günter Grass

(I had to finish this in November, for German Literature Month, but it spilled into December.) The first book I finished this weekend was a beautiful autobiography of German Nobel-Prize-winning author Günter Grass. The title, Peeling the Onion, is a running metaphor for peeling back the layers of memory, gradually, carefully, taking care not toContinue reading “Peeling the Onion by Günter Grass”

Ich nannte ihn Krawatte by Milena Michiko Flašar

Ever since I joined that Goethe Institut online library, my English reads have considerably piled up. But like any freshly joined library, it is just too addictive. Ich nannte ihn Krawatte was the first book I randomly selected and it was the start of my non-stop German reading. I hope this has a translation, becauseContinue reading “Ich nannte ihn Krawatte by Milena Michiko Flašar”

Unter den Linden and Kassandra by Christa Wolf

I’m not sure if an English translation of Unter den Linden is available, do let me know if you find one. Kassandra, on the other hand is definitely available in English, translated by Jan Van Heurck. Christa Wolf is pretty much among the most famous German authors and I am glad I read her works.Continue reading “Unter den Linden and Kassandra by Christa Wolf”

Drachenreiter von Cornelia Funke

Ich habe schon auf diesem Blog gesagt, dass ich Deutsch als Fremdsprache lerne. Ich habe Rezensionen von deutschen Büchern geschrieben, aber niemals auf Deutsch. Zum ersten Mal versuche ich heute, auf Deutsch zu schreiben. Der Grund dafür: Language Freak Summer Challenge! Ich weiß, ich neige dazu, lange Sätze zu bilden und kann nur hoffen, dass ichContinue reading “Drachenreiter von Cornelia Funke”

Language Freak Summer Challenge

The Language Freak Summer Challenge is hosted here. It ends at the end of August, so I’m joining in somewhat late. The goal is to read books in any foreign language you know, and review them in that language. A little bit about the languages I do speak: My mother tongue is Marathi, which isContinue reading “Language Freak Summer Challenge”

Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse – German Literature Month 2012

Wisdom is not communicable. The wisdom which a wise man tries to communicate always sounds foolish… Knowledge can be communicated but not wisdom. One can find it, live it, be fortified by it, do wonders through it, but one cannot communicate and teach it. I was under the misconception, that this book was actually aboutContinue reading “Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse – German Literature Month 2012”

Reading Heinrich Böll

During the German Literature Month – November 2011, I received two books by the Nobel Prize in Literature winning author, Heinrich Böll as part of a giveaway (big thanks to Caroline @ Beauty is a Sleeping Cat and Lizzy @ Lizzy’s Literary Life) – his first ever novel, The Train Was on Time and anotherContinue reading “Reading Heinrich Böll”

German Literature Month 2011 – Wrap Up

German Literature Month – November 2011 (hosted by Caroline @ Beauty is a Sleeping Cat and Lizzy @ Lizzy’s Literary Life) ended yesterday. I haven’t been much active lately, because I have been quite busy reading Stephen King’s amazing new book – 11.22.63 along with the two great books I received during GLM itself, i.e,Continue reading “German Literature Month 2011 – Wrap Up”

Hotel Savoy – Joseph Roth (Week III)

It is Week III of the German Literature Month (hosted by Caroline @ Beauty is a Sleeping Cat and Lizzy @ Lizzy’s Literary Life.) I read Hotel Savoy in less than a couple of days – and since I read it in German, that is quite an achievement for me. The book is only aContinue reading “Hotel Savoy – Joseph Roth (Week III)”