The Random Number Survey (Or, A Stroll Through My Bookshelf)

I saw this survey on book musings. I usually don’t do this sort of thing on the blog (especially since I decided to have ‘no-memes-in-2013’) But this blog has been oddly stagnant this whole month and I hardly have time to read, let alone review. Plus the idea is kind of interesting, and it alsoContinue reading “The Random Number Survey (Or, A Stroll Through My Bookshelf)”

How do you organize your bookshelf?

I’m in love with my new bookshelf and have already tried two looks on it. 1. According to size and boredom.  The books in the lowest shelf are huge hardbacks that won’t fit well in the middle. After arranging the bottom two shelves, I was just too tired to try anything else and shoved themContinue reading “How do you organize your bookshelf?”