Ten Questions You Must Stop Asking Book Lovers

(Reposting with minor edits a post from early last year, because it really fits this week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt and because I love it.) Excuse the generalization. The title could be misleading; I’m not talking about all book lovers here, but me. Which means it’s perfectly fine if you aren’t annoyed by these questions.Continue reading “Ten Questions You Must Stop Asking Book Lovers”

London’s Book Shaped Benches – Why am I not there?!?

The title says it all. I don’t think I’ve ever wished harder I lived in London. Books About Town is a project launched by the National Literacy Trust where 50 literary themed benches illustrated by local artists have been strewn across the city for summer, to be auctioned later in the autumn. These are myContinue reading “London’s Book Shaped Benches – Why am I not there?!?”

A Short History of the World – A Book Spine Poem

A Short History of the World  Red Earth and Pouring Rain Magic of the Angels Sacred Games, Burning Bright, The End of the Gods. Born Free, Going Solo, All Creatures Great and Small. A Time to Kill Men of Honour, A Fraction of the Whole. – a poem by my’shelf’ The books are all different sizes,Continue reading “A Short History of the World – A Book Spine Poem”

The Random Number Survey (Or, A Stroll Through My Bookshelf)

I saw this survey on book musings. I usually don’t do this sort of thing on the blog (especially since I decided to have ‘no-memes-in-2013’) But this blog has been oddly stagnant this whole month and I hardly have time to read, let alone review. Plus the idea is kind of interesting, and it alsoContinue reading “The Random Number Survey (Or, A Stroll Through My Bookshelf)”

How do you organize your bookshelf?

I’m in love with my new bookshelf and have already tried two looks on it. 1. According to size and boredom.  The books in the lowest shelf are huge hardbacks that won’t fit well in the middle. After arranging the bottom two shelves, I was just too tired to try anything else and shoved themContinue reading “How do you organize your bookshelf?”

What makes a good holiday read?

(Here because of the title? You can skip the reviews and scroll down to read my answers!) I have been away from this blog for far too long. I just got back from a very bookishly eventful one-week holiday. Over the course of the five days, I seemed to have a lot of free time,Continue reading “What makes a good holiday read?”