BBAW Day 5: How To Fight Reader’s Block

I missed Day 4!! But between job interviews, submissions and classes, I found no time to blog yesterday. Anyway, here is the last prompt for the Book Blogger Appreciation Week, how do you keep things fresh in your reading? Short answer, I don’t always. If you scroll back through this blog, you will find complaineyContinue reading “BBAW Day 5: How To Fight Reader’s Block”

BBAW Day 3: Thank the Blogger

When I read the prompt for today for the Book Blogger Appreciation Week at The Estella Society, I did not realize we could be talking about bad books. So mine is a politer Thank the Blogger instead of Blame the Blogger. I made a list of some of the books I discovered on my favouriteContinue reading “BBAW Day 3: Thank the Blogger”

BBAW Day 1: Books That Represent Me

I decided to participate in the Book Blogger Appreciation Week after reading about it on Deepika’s blog. The Book Blogger Appreciation Week is an event hosted by The Estella Society. The first day’s task is to introduce yourself, but creatively, with a list of books that represent you. My favourite authors do not make it toContinue reading “BBAW Day 1: Books That Represent Me”