Books for German Learners: Present Tense

As a language teacher, I have realised one of the trickiest things is identify the right resources to practice your skills – be it listening or reading. A beginner is likely to easily spooked by the content out there that is just beyond your level of understanding… and be turned off by the concept of practice at all. So I’m going to share my go-to recommendations for learners to practice different skills and levels. This time sharing with you three books, available online, for very basic A1 level writing in present tense.

  1. Unser Tag written by Andrea Weller-EssersAvailable to read here. A little children’s book that has easy vocabulary, mini picture dictionaries and the entire book is in present tense, so perfect for beginners. There are also simple questions on each page so that the readers can check their understanding.
  2. Henry Hühnchen from the German ProjectAvailable to listen to here. A story available to read and listen to; the German version of what you may know as Chicken Little. A great advantage, other than the audio, is of course that it’s all in present tense!
  3. Guten Morgen by Hans WilhelmAvailable to read here. Like the first one on this list, this book is also about the daily routine, also in present tense and quite a short book at that. Not as reader friendly as the first one, this has no tips or questions, but the pictures are self explanator.

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