Books for German Learners #1

As a language learner, I have realised one of the trickiest things is identify the right resources to practice your skills – be it listening or reading. A beginner is likely to easily spooked by the content out there that is just beyond your level of understanding… and be turned off by the concept of practice at all. So I’m going to share my go-to recommendations for learners to practice different skills and levels. Kicking this series off with three books, available online, that you can read to practice the dreaded past tense.

  1. Wenn ich dich nicht hätte by Hans WilhelmAvailable to read here. A little children’s book that has easy vocabulary and pages after pages in the past tense, that will help you practice different verb forms.
  2. Die Drei Kleinen Schweinchen from the German ProjectAvailable to listen to here. This one is a little difficult compared to the first book, but there are 2 advantages: (a) you have an audio along with the text. (b) it’s a familiar story and that will facilitate your understanding
  3. Die Affen aus Tirkol translated by Irene FallyAvailable to read here. It is a nice little picture book, where the images support the text and make it easier to understand. The only drawback may be that it is a translation.

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