Freshly Minted Workaholic Speaking

I’ve never taken a break this long from blogging. I still haven’t finished this book I started in some time May. Let alone written anything for pleasure in a long time. And yet, I’m on a constant creative high.
– freshly minted workaholic speaking.

There are many half written posts lounging in my drafts, never know when I’ll get to them… if ever. And this blog has gone through one too many fake revivals. Yes, it’s finally been one too many. There was once a time when I used to ‘write like no one was reading’ and bask in the anonymity. When this blog became bigger than that, I had to create another one for that purpose. I suppose I want to go back to that kind of messy blogging again. Without the pressure of writing a summary or you know, a disclaimer for not writing a proper review. It’s been three months since I blogged. I don’t particularly miss the super (un)organized book reviews; and I honest to god don’t miss the update plans. But I do miss something about the whole thing. So I will get back to it. This is the first attempt. 

2 thoughts on “Freshly Minted Workaholic Speaking”

  1. It's been nice to see you back. Although I don't have time to write blog posts any more, I still like finding things to read through blogs, and seeing what people are up to.


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