Guest Post at Postcards from Asia

Delia who writes over at Postcards from Asia is one of my favourite bloggers.

I love how well she interacts with her readers. “I was born in the land of Dracula…” she introduces herself on her blog, and on cue, the dark atmospheric horror fiction she writes never fails to chill me. But more than anything, her posts on culture and travel inspire me to try new things on my blog. You should really check out her site.
This year she has been posting a series of guest posts, interviewing people about their taste in books and their experiences as bloggers and writers.
When Delia asked me for a guest interview on her blog, I was thrilled and humbled. In the post that went live tonight, I share what books taught me, my favourite writers and more.

4 thoughts on “Guest Post at Postcards from Asia”

  1. Thank you, Priya, for being a part of my little blogging experiment. It's so great finding out more about my favorite bloggers. Now every time I see your name I'll be thinking of cats. 🙂


  2. Thanks, Delia, I loved participating in it. Because of the carriage of cats? That's actually good, everyone who knows me outside the blogging world does it anyway!! 🙂


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