On My Favourite Teacher in Fiction (…and my first published story!)

It’s Teachers’ Day here in India and my blog is threatening to go into a slump. So here’s an impromptu bit about my favourite fictional teacher.
A few months ago a bunch of teachers voted Dumbledore their favourite teacher in fiction, and it made me wonder why. We never really knew him as a teacher in the strictest classroom sense. Dumbledore made a great mentor, but I think for a man of his strength, he could have dealt with Riddle better. If I had to choose from the Wizarding world, my vote would be with Remus Lupin. He encouraged every student to participate in class, made his classes interesting, clearly loved his subject and quit when it made sense to. Plus, he believed encounters with Dementors = getting bars of chocolate, and only that is enough to make him the coolest teacher at Hogwarts.

The Boggart in the Wardrobe: I hate this movie for cutting out so many great plot lines, but they made this well.
Now to the real point of this post: tooting my own horn. Way back in July (or was it even before that?) I finally dared to submit a short story to a couple of online magazines. Drum-roll, please… It was bought by a quarterly ezine called NewMyths.com and, here comes the good part – it is out now!
Here’s wishing you hop on over to the site and read my story, The Dew Eagle, and the other fiction in their latest issue. I don’t know what thrills me more, the fact that my story is out or that it is so beautifully illustrated for the cover. Anyway, I would love some feedback.
Till then, would you vote for Dumbledore too? Who is your favourite teacher in fiction?

6 thoughts on “On My Favourite Teacher in Fiction (…and my first published story!)”

  1. Congratulation on your first published story! That's fantastic news! I'll come back with feedback after I read it.:)

    Hmmm, can't really think of a favorite teacher in fiction now…perhaps later…


  2. I just finished reading your story. I really enjoyed it, especially the description of the Dew Eagle – "His wings were blood, streaked with fiery shades of molten copper." That put a nice image in my head.
    I had a bit of trouble with the names at first, trying to remember who was who, but I managed.
    It was a beautiful love story and I had to smile when I read about how absorbed the lovers were with each other, so much so that they didn't notice the consequences of their love. That's what falling in love is like, isn't it? At first you live in a sort of bubble apart from everybody else but the one you love. Then you wake up.

    Good luck with future submissions. I hope to read more of your stories. 🙂


  3. Congratulations on being published! Before long you will have a novel out there, I´m sure. Can´t really feedback, as it isn´t really a genre I am drawn to.

    Can´t think of any favourite teacher in fiction, only Yoda comes to mind (I find myself quoting him now and then) but he is from film, not literature.


  4. Thanks Delia! Your comments mean a lot. It seems very unlike me to write romance and or have it make sense to someone, so I am glad you stopped by.

    Victoria – Yoda's a good pick, of course. And thanks for the encouragement. I hope you're right! 🙂


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