Homemade Heart-Shaped Bookmarks

I have always adored these heart-shaped bookmarks, so last night I made a bunch.
The last time I made bookmarks was a few years ago and these hearts are nowhere near as cute. But they are impossibly easy to make – just glue the top half of small heart on a larger heart for the first. Or – you can paste the top half of a cut out of a heart on a same sized heart to get the golden one. Quick and useful. The golden one will highlight your page number or title! The other one, well, it’ll make even Marlowe seem cheerful and that’s saying something!

Do you have any DIY bookmark ideas? I could use a little something-to-do. 

3 thoughts on “Homemade Heart-Shaped Bookmarks

  1. Cute! I haven't seen heart shaped bookmarks before, they look really nice. I bet they would make for a great Christmas gift, in red, green and silver…


  2. Hey ya! i totally love this idea πŸ™‚ of late am going crazy about DIY bookmarks n i you have already seen the one I made πŸ˜‰ this will be the next


  3. Delia – They really would make good gifts. Thanks for the idea. πŸ™‚

    Swathi – I know! I'm going to try the one you've made.


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