Creatures Features by Tim Rowland

About the author: Tim Rowland is an
award-winning columnist at Herald-Mail Media in Hagerstown, Maryland. He has
written for numerous history and outdoor magazines and news syndicates
nationwide. He has also authored several books, most recently Strange and
Obscure Stories of the Civil War.
About the book: When Tim Rowland’s
earlier book of his animal essays, ALL PETS ARE OFF, was published, readers
immediately clamored for more. Their preference for animal stories over the
political columns Tim’s also known for is understandable: animals are way more
fun to read about than politicians. Especially now. So here’s a new volume of
over 75 columns, from the introduction to the farm of bovines Cleopatra and
Heifertiti, the Belted Galloway beauties, to the further antics of Hannah the
English Bulldog and Juliet the tiny Siames – and of course, more of the joyful
bouvier des Flandres named Opie – that’s sure to provide loads of smiles and
even outright guffaws.
My thoughts: Chaotic, confusing,
hilarious. Being an animal lover, I was looking forward to reading this book.
But at the same time, I’ve read many non-fiction / fiction accounts of animals,
which were too personified and didn’t seem real; so I wasn’t sure what to
expect from the book. My first thought as I read the book was: wow, he really gets animals.
Every creature has a quirky, characteristic personality, very different from a
human’s but very striking. Considering I was only ever acquainted with the
various personalities of cats and dogs, I found these essays about all sorts of
farm animals full of surprises. 
The thing I appreciated the most is that the book can be
started at any random point in the middle, and the tales don’t have to be read
in order. It’s the perfect book to take along on a holiday, quick, breezy and
funny. Of course, all the fun aside, it’s also informative, touching and insightful. The only thing that freaked me out is
the idea that all the anonymous animals, whose curious eccentricities we never
get to know, are sent off to the slaughterhouse – it has a strange morbidity to
it, that you just need to be ready to overlook.
I liked the conversational tone of the book. The adventures
on the farm are endlessly entertaining. I found myself constantly chuckling and
copying down things that I wanted to share with my fellow animal lovers.
Halfway into the book I realized I had literally copied down almost everything
I’d read, so I scrapped the idea and decided to tell everyone and anyone who
has ever known an animal: You would love the book! I could guarantee a pet-owner
a lot of fun and the pet a huge “I love you soo much.” and a bowlful
of treats, which mine received once I was done reading this.
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