For Keeps by Aaron Paul Lazar

I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the author. I’ve been kind of busy lately so it took me a long time to get around to writing this review.

Summary (from here): When retired family
doctor Sam Moore’s old girlfriend is murdered in a local hotel, the police
suspect his involvement. The coroner, a former med school colleague whose
husband is about to desert her, reveals that she had a crush on Sam in med
school. When she is strangled the next day in her own morgue, Sam is once again
in the hot seat.

Sam’s world falls
apart when he returns home to find a family member killed in the laundry room,
stabbed with his own garden shears. Rocketed into a world of denial and
temporary insanity, Sam faces his worst fear, and is locked up in the very same
psych ward he was in when his brother Bill died fifty years ago. Sam is
determined to ask his long dead brother to help him. Billy, who
communicates through a little green marble, has the ability to propel Sam
through time and has helped Sam unwrap baffling mysteries in the past.
Sam’s plan: to
change time, and bring his loved one back to life.

My Thoughts: This is a pretty good book. Firstly, I was a bit worried that I was reading the third book in a series without having read the first two, but it didn’t matter at all. The writer has made this perfectly clear for anyone who is new to the series. It might as well be a standalone novel.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t know what to expect from the book and was pleasantly surprised. I am not really the biggest fan of mysteries and was very glad that this book is anything but a typical mystery. At the beginning, I can’t quite explain why, it seemed like the writer was trying too hard to impress. The writing style  took some time getting used to. However, the plot is fast paced and action packed and right from the very first page, the author dives into the story, revealing chunks of background information as we go along. The characters were great; one problem I had with the book was that they characters were, perhaps, too developed, if there is such a thing. Sam was too likable and a bit unrealistic, but maybe that’s just me. I loved the element of time travel. Anyone who has ever lost someone can relate to that feeling of helplessness and urge to bring back whoever’s lost, it’s a feeling that just haunts you. And to be able to go back in time and stop a tragedy is a fabulous idea.

This is usually where I recommend a book to fans of that genre. But I have no idea what category a book that deals with love, sadness, loss, the supernatural, suspense, murder and gory stuff all well combined together falls into. So I’m just going to recommend it to anyone looking for a quick, engaging read. Grab your copy here!

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  1. Thanks, Priya. For folks who might like a free Kindle copy, they can get it at Amazon on October 12th and 13th. Many thanks, Aaron


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