Top Ten Bookish Confessions

#1 I buy books that I’ve already read: I bought almost all the paperbacks on my shelf after I’d already read them as eBooks or from the library. I already know I love them, I love to re-read books and that way, I know I’m not wasting money or space! I love to collect books, it’s almost an obsession; I have no idea why.

#2 I hate movie adaptations on principle: Okay, I do have my reasons. Some of it is based on bad, bad experience. Mainly though, most people I know haven’t read the books or worse, don’t know the films are actually adaptations. It’s tremendously irritating.

#3 If a book really bores me, I leave it halfway through: Put it on hold, so to say. Though I don’t usually skim, there are books that I was just too bored to finish reading. But there have been quite a few novels that I left halfway through – went back, finished reading and liked, years later. I will eventually get back to all of them.

#4 I have read very few classics: Embarrassingly few. But, hey, I have already started to cure that.

#5 I like “spoilers”: I know this is weird and I haven’t ever met anyone else who likes spoilers! It may be because I grew up with a sister who’d tell me the plot of every single book I was about to read in painful detail and I got used to it. I usually read the plot or a brief summary before I start reading the book. It doesn’t spoil the fun, either, I just keep anticipating the time when what is supposed to happen, does happen.

#6 I buy all my books online: So, most people do these days I guess. I like roaming around in book stores. I just I don’t like people watching when I am selecting books, or impatiently fluttering about if I am spoiled for choice. Buying books is a long process I best do on my own!

#7 I used to break spines, bend cover flaps, tear book pages or spill coffee on them: The key term here is ‘used to’, I reformed. I never wrote in or dog-eared books, though, just saying!

#8 My Harry Potter books are a mess: It’s only because I read them all the time. The first doesn’t have a  few pages – the second is missing – all the pages have come out of the third and fourth and the pages from the fourth book are actually not even in order – the fifth book doesn’t have a cover – the sixth has a slightly broken spine. I never got around to buying the seven book.

#9 Sometimes, I lie about not having read books. This is only when I will feel too awkward to discuss them with someone or I read them so long ago that I don’t remember them well enough. This includes The Fellowship of the Ring, non-fiction belonging to my sister, and some guilty pleasure reads like poetry or bizarre Clive-Barkeresque fiction.

#10 I judge people by the books they read. But come on, be honest, we all do. Well, don’t we?

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Do you have anything to confess?

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Bookish Confessions”

  1. I've only recently tried to leave off books that bore me. Otherwise I tend to struggle through them no matter how long it takes. …I've recently realised that that is simply an utter waste of time! And I don't mind spoilers too, though i don't always go looking for the end. 😀


  2. I only recently was able to stop reading books that bore me. Now I have a 50 Page FAIL rule.
    I like spoilers too. You are not alone. 🙂
    Great List.


  3. I recently ran into someone who didn't know Anna Karenina was a book and I wanted to slap her. I do like some movie adaptations because I always look at them as them being simple a different kind of perspective on the novel, but sometimes they're just dreadful! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    My Confessions
    Juli @ Universe in Words


  4. I'm addicted to spoilers. I don't like them as I usually regret having read them but I have no self control 🙂


  5. I am wary of movie adaptions, though some have interpreted the book wonderfully (Kubrick's adaption of The Shining, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and The Color Purple come to mind immediately). I'm just tired of getting my hopes up when a movie adaption comes out, only to find that it not only doesn't do the book justice, it trashes important parts of the book. Argh!

    Awesome list, I think you're the only person I know who loves spoilers!


  6. I don't like for others to spoil books for me but I often spoil them for myself by flipping to the back of the book and seeing how it ends.


  7. I LOVE spoilers!! I said it in my list, but I usually read ahead, just bits and pieces, or I'll go online and read the wikipedia page if it exists. I don't read many mystery type novels, so I never feel like the spoilers really detract much at all.


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