Do you re-read books?

The seven Harry Potter books are probably the books that I have re-read the most over the years (the third and the fifth more than the others.) So much in fact, that only the other day I realized that my copy of The Prisoner of Azkaban is so battered that not a single page is now attached to the spine. You would say I don’t handle books with care, but I usually do. It’s just that I have read this more times than I can count, taken it more places than I can imagine (also, I am fairly certain it was not that great an edition anyway.)

It’s obvious that everyone reads books, their favourites most likely, more than once. But what I’ve always been curious about, is how people re-read. My favourite chapter from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, Prongs – I can quote the part from the Goblet of Fire where Voldemort returns (The thin man stepped out of the cauldron…) – and I can describe the Fountain of Magical Brethren in excruciating detail along with all the floors of St. Mungo’s Hospital. You get my point now… I re-read parts that I liked the first time I read them. Even if I sit and try to read the entire book again, cover to cover, I end up skimming over to the good parts. Also, I have noticed that re-reading doesn’t work, for me, with mysteries, thrillers and horror fiction. I have read a couple of Stephen King books more than once, but the effect of the books is almost entirely diluted during the second or third read.

I have also noticed that after re-reading a book (especially a review copy, or any book I’ve reviewed) I tend to change my opinion of it. It may be because I’m older or have read more books of that genre or just think differently now. I wonder if it’s okay to change the earlier review later, because I keep wanting to do that… Does this ever happen to you?

And which books do you re-read? Are there any books that you’ve read so many times that you could quote entire pages? Do you re-read cover to cover or only certain parts? When it comes to re-reading, which do you prefer: eBooks or paperbacks?

8 thoughts on “Do you re-read books?”

  1. I re-read the HP series all the time. I not only read them physically on and off- but I listen to Jim Dale read them every night when I go to sleep. I can certainly quote whole pages. I Love the chapter you brought up from book 3. I tend to listen to 3-7 most of the time. I have reread other books- some I still enoy just as much, but really HP is the best to reread. I reread Catcher in the Rye a few years ago. I liked it in HS- but didn not like it as an adult.

    Oh- I prefer paperbacks to ereaders (I do like to flip to favorite parts).


  2. Anything by Alexander Dumas I have and will continue to re-read. I guess it's a comfort thing, like a snuggy blanket 🙂 I've read The Count of Monte Cristo 5 times! I've also read The Hobbit 3 times, and will read it again before the movie comes out in the winter. Is it blashpemy if I say I've never finished the Potter series? I'm starting over from the beginning again, though 🙂


  3. Even I rarely re-read the first two books, they are too simple when you've read the entire HP series, I guess.
    And I know what you mean, when it comes to re-reading, I prefer paperbacks too!
    Glad you stopped by 🙂


  4. I do re-read books, and yes, my Harry Potters are in terrible condition too 😀
    I think we should be friends. Because I think we have a lot in common 🙂


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