Just some things I liked

1. I opened Facebook right now and the first update I saw was an old Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett interview (on Neil Gaiman’s page), on how they wrote Good Omens together! It’s really quite funny.

TP: “Neil wrote several thousand words a couple of
years ago, which was part of the main plot of Good Omens.”

NG: “I didn’t know what happened next, so I put it
aside and I showed it to Terry. One day I got this phone call from Terry,
saying ‘Remember that plot? I know what happens next. Do you want to
collaborate on it, or do you want to sell it to me?’ And I said, ‘I’ll
collaborate, please.'”

2. Joss Whedon lists his favourite Buffy episodes!
I saw this some time ago, and loved all the attention Whedon is getting. (thanks to The Avengers, which is so Whedonesque, by the way!)
My personal favourites are:
Out of Mind, Out of Sight
Lie to Me – when Buffy’s old school friend Ford trades her to Spike in exchange for immortality.
Becoming (Part 2) – The end of season 2, Buffy kills Angel.
Doppelgangland – Vampire Willow!
Something Blue – This was the funniest episode. Buffy and Spike get engaged and Giles goes blind.
Hush – When the voices get stolen in Sunnydale; this was one very beautiful episode, don’t you think?
Once More with Feeling – Do I even have to say? The only musical I could like…
The Body – Nothing I say can will do justice to this episode.
Grave – When Xander saves the world…
Conversations with Dead People
Which ones are your favourites?
He posted an open letter on Whedonesque a while ago. I just had to post it here. (If only to make sure I find it, the next time I’m looking.)

3. The Great Gatsby trailer, which I also saw a few weeks ago, maybe; I don’t have any particular opinions or ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ to express about this trailer, because I did not particularly love the book. I do want to watch the film, though.

4. I’ve been visiting and re-visiting this site over the past couple of weeks; it’s called Brain Pickings. It is very interesting, check it out!

5. This was posted by Neil Gaiman more than a month ago, and I have read it at least thrice since. An interview of Stephen King by Neil Gaiman, what could possibly go wrong here?

“I never thought of myself as a horror writer. That’s what
other people think.
(…) I was down
here in the supermarket, and this old woman comes around the corner – obviously one of the kind of women who says whatever is on her brain.
She said, ‘I know who you are, you are the horror writer. I don’t read anything
that you do, but I respect your right to do it. I just like things more
genuine, like that Shawshank Redemption.”

Speaking of Stephen King, someone sent me this link a couple of days back – Wisdom from Stephen King books; I have hardly read all the books he’s written, but the list is pretty good, if you are a fan.

6. Last year, I started reading and loving short stories. As it turns out, 500 new fairy tales/short stories were discovered in Germany (Bavaria) recently, which were once collected by a certain Franz Xaver von Schoenwerth. This is one of the tales, titled The Turnip Princess.

7. And this, lastly, is a blog, that has been in my reading list for a long time. It is pleasantly different from all those book blogs, which only contain book giveaways, ARC reviews and memes. Along with reviews and book quotes, there is a huge collection of bookish pictures, that I absolutely adore looking at, even if only in my updates, sometimes! All book lovers should check it out!

Happy Reading!

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