Happy 2nd Blogiversary to Me!

So, readers, today, Tabula Rasa turns 2 and I wanted to (finally) host my first book giveaway (which would have been fun, considering I’ve got a job now, so it would have literally been MY giveaway.) But as it turns out, I completely forgot about the Blogiversary (Did I mention, YAY!!) until today morning – so no giveaway right now.

I have to say, two years seems like a very long time. I still remember, with much fondness, my first few posts. I had a lot of thoughts; well, I have always had a lot of thoughts. But, I had sort of an awkward, jumbled-up way of expressing them. See for yourself. What started out as just any other blog, soon became dominated by bookish posts, even as my life became considerably dominated by books.

I have had some amazing, shocking, exciting, almost life-altering experiences ever since I started Tabula Rasa: receiving my first ever review copy through another Book site, receiving my first ever review copy directly from the author, getting my first blog awardthis (which I suppose, speaks for itself!), having someone whose blog I love say that they like mine (it came as a shock), having an official Stephen King page (apparently) tweet my review, getting my posts/blog selected on sites such Blogadda and Blogjunta (don’t have any links), and even writing book reviews for an online magazine (of sorts) for a while.

I was happily surprised to see an increasing number of followers and readers, apart from family and friends. I saw my writing becoming much more confident, I found my voice; in fact, I was even able to write some non-awkward, non-joking posts such as this or this, about things that matter. Not to mention, only a minute ago, I realized I am now finally not annoyed by casual dismissal; which I always find worse than outright criticism. Seems like one hell of a journey, doesn’t it?

Last year, I found a bookish template that just “feels right” for my blog.
I also wrote an About Me page that contains more about me, than the line “Life is like a box of Bertie Botts’ Every Flavour Beans, you never know what you’ll get next.” ever did (which I should have copyrighted, by the way, as soon as I thought of it, to avoid the Ross Geller-Got Milk? situation, that it eventually led to.) I have drafts of Blogroll and Reviews Pages, waiting to be edited and published; which I will do sometime next week.

And now, I am looking forward to celebrating the day with a good book and a nice cup of coffee, like any regular anti-social blogger.

6 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Blogiversary to Me!”

  1. Hey?!

    That wasn't "casual dismissal", or atleast wasn't intended as such. On the contrary, it was out of awe at your consistency that I finally decided to post. It was more like a note to commend you on your blog and to thank you for the push it gave me.

    Also, I'm not bashing on Stephen King. The first post, like quite a few to come I suspect, is just me recording my thoughts as they come. I freely admit that I can't make well-informed opinions on King based on the one time I read 'The Shining' and Shawshank.

    Anyway, congrats on your blogiversary.


  2. Oh, I was referring to the part about the whole and the sum of the parts, was it? Either way, it's the fact that I wasn't annoyed, that is important. So, it's okay.
    As for bashing on Stephen King, it's not like I mind. I am just not the sort of person, who would like any film adaptation more than the original book.
    And by the way, thanks!


  3. Happy blog birthday! I didn't realise that you started out as a just general blogger- I was definitely aiming to talk about films and tv as equally as books when I started (in fact, my very first post was about tv) but like you, I guess the books eventually just took over!

    I really like reading your blog, so I hope you carry on loving it and doing it 🙂


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