The 24 Hour Readathon Update # 3

This will be my last update.

Currently Reading: Snuff: A Novel of Discworld by Terry Pratchett

Last book read: The Little Drummer Girl by John le Carre
Next up to-be-read: None. Just started reading Snuff, and it will last a while!

Reading stats –
Total Number of pages read: 715
Total Number of books completed: 3

I had planned to read the second book in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series at the end, so that I could enjoy myself and it would be a light, entertaining read. Still, when I finally got to that moment when I was tired and ready to read what would be my last book of the readathon, I was quite in a mood for some Discworld magic. I can read a Discworld book even in my sleep and I managed to get my hands on this one. Well, wish me happy reading. Hope you had a lot of fun!

(The next time I do this, I’ll try to be more prepared with what to read, and plan my updates better!)

3 thoughts on “The 24 Hour Readathon Update # 3”

  1. …because if I stay online any more, I'll keep putting off the reading and visit other blogs and take part in mini-challenges, and later maybe even accidentally fall asleep.. I'll come back to post one grand wrap-up post!!
    Happy reading, hope you enjoy yourself! 🙂


  2. I did exactly that – went offline for 12 hours – got two books and several hours of sleep done!

    I'm reading only ebooks, so it was really necessary to turn off the net and distractions
    Dee, cheering from e-Volving Books[Team Puck]


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