Bones of the Moon by Jonathan Carroll

Does it ever really happen that we are given a real second chance?

Another turn to bat, a few magical feet more to skid before we hit the wall

and ruin everything?

No, in real life that didn’t happen.

Summary: Cullen James is a young woman who lives in New York with her family. In her dreams, though, she lives in the magical land of Rondua, where she journeys with a boy called Pepsi and a bunch of talking animals, on a quest to find the Bones of the Moon. The dreamland, seemingly amazing, soon appears to be taking over Cullen’s life, as reality and fantasy begin to dangerously interweave.
My thoughts: Between reading Anna Karenina and a book of essays by Oscar Wilde, I started missing good ol’ fantasy fiction; which is why I decided to read this book and I am so glad I did. The only other book that I’ve read by Jonathan Carroll is The Land of Laughs, and while it was really great, this one is just something else.
The book is wonderful, and just the right amount of touching. It’s unusual, dreamy (literally) and just fantastic. The plot is set at a fast, exciting pace. The characters seem real and somehow, so does the wacky world they live in. The vivid descriptions make the fiction come to life.
I loved the book and I’d definitely recommend it! (If that isn’t enough motivation to read the book, note the fact that both Stephen King and Neil Gaiman recommend it.)
The review is a part of the What’s in a Name Challenge hosted at Beth Fish Reads (something you’d see in the sky)

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