My bookish story

Do you remember that one book that really turned you into a bookworm? I can’t say that I do. But one book always stands out in my memory – it was one of the few good novels in my school library. It was a book by Robert Ludlum and I loved it. It might have been the book that turned me from the ‘likes-to-read girl’ to the ‘never-stops-reading girl’! But the story neither starts nor ends there!

I was always sort of a bookworm; but I was never too eager to get out of my comfort zone. I always read the same genres and even the same old authors. So, when I randomly borrowed this book from the school library, I didn’t read even a single page for two entire weeks. On the last night, for God knows what reason, I started reading the book. I read late into the night and woke up with the book next to me. I read throughout the morning, thoroughly enjoying the experience. I never finished it, though. And I had to return it the same day.
Here comes the crazy part. All I could somehow remember about that book was that it was written by Robert Ludlum. How I could have forgotten the book title, I don’t know! Or the plot, for that matter. I read many Robert Ludlum books after that, bought and borrowed, and I liked them. But I never did find that one. That is, until now.

You know that feeling, when you are trying hard to remember something and it constantly keeps nudging the insides of your brain making sure you are unable to concentrate on anything else? The battered old book has been doing that to me for the past… about six years. No kidding. When I somehow ended up on Robert Ludlum’s Wikipedia page today, it got me wondering how long it would take to skim through the summaries of Ludlum’s 23 thriller novels and find out that mystery book, once and for all. Well, it takes two hours and a bout of scolding from your mother for staying up too late.

As it turns out, it is a spy-thriller novel called The Scorpio Illusion (the name sounds strangely familiar now; you know, as if I had known it all along.) I can’t wait to buy it and read the whole book and you know, re-discover why I fell in love with reading in the first place! So, do you have a bookish story of your own?

4 thoughts on “My bookish story”

  1. For me it started in the school library and since then i have been faithful.I don't think there was any particular book in the story.


  2. Oh yes, I don't claim this to be 'the' one book; just one of the books! I just think it made me read something other than the usual. You must be lucky though, our school library hardly had any good books. And up until high school, we were only allowed to borrow children's mysteries and stuff..!


  3. I've only ever read one Robert Ludlum. I enjoyed it, of course. But I can't recall which one it was. I think my mom might be able to help me with that.:D

    As for my bookwormish ways…I think I've been one ever since I can remember. I've always loved books…I loved them when my mother read them out aloud to me, and then when I took my first few eager steps into reading by myself.

    However, I do get what you mean regarding getting stuck within ones comfort zone. I myself have only just begun getting out of the happily-ever classics into the more serious and dark ones, and into literary fiction and the kind that don't have a strict familial code…if you know what I mean…. 🙂


  4. Risa – Lol. I was in quite a Robert Ludlum phase after this book; ironically I never did read the Bourne trilogy.
    I am doing quite the opposite – reading more of classics nowadays and less of my usual favourite genres! I have discovered so many classics that I like, that I would have otherwise not read. You'll find such books too!
    Happy reading!


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