After spending a couple of days exploring the wizarding world of Pottermore, I ended up deleting the spur-of-the-moment squeakily excited post I had written when I first got in.

My wand is a pretty alder with phoenix core, ten and three quarter inches and slightly springy, my familiar is a black cat and I got sorted into Ravenclaw. I never really thought about which house I’d like to be sorted into, and let’s be honest here, I do have ‘wit beyond measure’, so I am perfectly content with the Sorting Hat’s choice.

Exploring the first book and reading J. K. Rowling’s wonderful additions to it brought back so many memories of when I first read Harry Potter. The story of how Petunia met Vernon, the history of the Hogwarts Express and so on; while exploring each key scene from each chapter you learn something new!

You also get to have your own Gringotts account, a trunk full of things you collect as you read on (it’s a wonder how many Chocolate Frog Cards are just lying around the castle) and you get to practice spells, duel and even brew potions.

When it comes to potion making, though, I am no Half-blood Prince. Every time I melt my cauldron or the contents spray all over the place, creating greenish fumes that don’t look particularly fragrant, I end up feeling like Neville Longbottom.

With spells, on the other hand, I’m pretty good. A little more practice and I’ll be off duelling!

4 thoughts on “Pottermore!!”

  1. Ok, now I'm scared. I just got the exactly same wand and also got sorted into Ravenclaw. You wouldn't have a screenshot from the moment you got the wand, would you? I forgot to take one.


  2. I don't have a screenshot. But you don't have to be scared!! I mean , it's probably a bit weird that we got the same wand, but maybe it happens. Maybe they just have few wands…
    Is it really the exact same? Now even I'm worried.


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