Happy Pet Remembrance Day!

The second Sunday of September happens to be National Pet Remembrance Day. I am not entirely sure what “nation” the name refers to. Even so, do you really need a reason to remember your awesome pets? If someone says it is Pet Remembrance Day, well, here I am all ready to celebrate it.

I love pets since as far back as I can remember; and I have also had pet cats since right about the same time. Whoever decided cats are shrewd or wily or scary, clearly didn’t know what he was talking about. I adore cats. Now, I can either write a long post describing exactly why I love cats and end up sounding like Mrs. Figg. Or, I can post this:

He appeared at our doorstep one day, with no sign of a mother or sibling-kittens. Of course, we took him in, and fed him. The little kitty decided to stick around. So, we let the him sleep in this small basket in our kitchen. He loved that place. He grew up to be quite a loyal young cat. But he never grew out of sleeping there. Here, more than a year old, the big tom cat that he was, he could hardly fit in there. It didn’t bother him one bit.

Cats are kind of stupid and very adorable and lovable, which anyone who bothers to take care of one would say! Happy Pet Remembrance Day!

(Neither of the pictures of the cats – no, they’re not the same cat – was taken by me. Thanks to those who did – you know who you are – for capturing such cute moments!)

2 thoughts on “Happy Pet Remembrance Day!”

  1. Nice post, Priya! Cats are wonderful! I have never had a pet at home, but a few years back a couple of stray kittens walked into our home and brought us a lot of joy. I have always found the cat to have a more complex and interesting personality compared to a dog, because it is difficult to win the trust of a cat. One has to make an effort to win a cat's friendship and one has to continue to contribute to the friendship to keep it alive.

    On the word 'National', I think most probably it refers to the United States. For example, 'National Book Award', 'National Books Critics Circle Award', 'National Novel Writing Month' all refer to the United States, with the world 'National'. The last one has become a worldwide event now, and so is also used in a wider context.


  2. Vishy – Ya I figured as much about the 'nation'! Cats really are wonderful; not that I have anything against dogs. I just never happened to have a pet dog! That's true; you don't befriend a cat. The cat befriends you!


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