Does a cow really say “Moo”?

Last night I found out that when German cats purr, they are actually “schnurr”-ing. That got me wondering what animals from the rest of the world say!

I can now say “woof woof” in ten languages. If I were in Japan (and if I were a dog), I’d say “wang wang”. Actually, come to think about it, I’d rather not. Let’s just see what the dogs say. In Spain and Greece, they say “guau guau” – it’s rather fascinating to imagine a dog pronounce a “g”. In India, dogs say “bhoo bhoo”, which sounds kind of like those American dogs that go “bow wow”. Korean dogs, apparently say “mung mung”.
When I was a kid, I always wondered why on earth an English-speaking rooster says “Cockadoodledoo”! That too, when our Indian roosters get away with saying an easy: “kukoochukoo”. It sounds so much more like a bird, anyway. The German rooster says “kikireki”, and the French apparently says “cocorico”. Either way, it is highly unlikely for a rooster to be able to pronounce “doodle”.
Anyway. I have to go out. Bye! Or… in the words of an Australian bird (that only has us to thank for its crazy name), “Currawong”!

6 thoughts on “Does a cow really say “Moo”?”

  1. I stumbled on your blog from Illustration Friday (cute lil' bookworm btw!), but this post really made me laugh. The way we humans make animal sounds into words is pretty silly 🙂


  2. So interesting! I did learn a bit about some of this when I studied French in high school, but never investigated more as you have. Thanks for sharing this.


  3. LeaKarts – Thanks for stopping by 🙂 It really is silly, and what's sillier is that the same noise sounds so different in each of the languages!!

    SS – 😀

    Julie – Thanks 🙂 Isn't it so fascinating? I have learned German for some time now, but I never thought of looking up what the animal sounds translate into!!


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