Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 2) this morning and I was very excited about it like everybody else! I wish I’d written a post about it beforehand like everyone else, because then I would have had many great things to say.

I never liked the Harry Potter movies, because they were hardly ever like the books! Unlike most people I know, I find it very hard to judge a movie based on a book without comparing it to the book it is based on. It sounds crazy! Whenever I read a book, I play the scenes in my mind; well, I expect everyone does that. Why else would I watch the Harry Potter movies when I already know what’s going to happen – certainly not for the absolutely amazing cast. It’s as if they want to remove all the very essential parts of the book to replace them with unnecessary, cheesy and sometimes comical (the one where Harry and Hermione dance) scenes. Still. I loyally go watch the movies every time and they don’t once fail to disappoint me.

The first half of the movie really made me wonder if it was going to be different this time! The story line was almost maintained and there were no weird special effects (except for the Imperius Curse. Why- no, how- was that necessary?) It’s shocking how much bad they can do in about the last half hour of the movie!! In the second half – the movie went from ‘almost awesome’ to ‘ridiculous’ – well, at least for me.
Ralph Fiennes was an expected disaster, Alan Rickman, an unexpected one, and did I mention there was a bit too much action? And don’t even tell me there were some really great scenes. It’s Harry Potter, for god’s sake. They aren’t exactly doing us a favour by giving us “some” good scenes!

I’ll always hate that Harry Potter had to end. What I hate now is that it had to end this way.

5 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”

  1. I actually liked the movie. The acting was nothing great sure, but then having watched the last 7 movies, I hadn't expected the actors to improve drastically for the last one. They pretty much stuck to the story expect for the bit where Harry "confronted" Snape (in a lame way) in the Great Hall instead of the Ravenclaw common room (I would have liked to see that) and totally sidelined the Dumbledore story but it would have been totally out of place seeing how they never introduced it in the previous movie. The whole part of Hogwarts under siege though was brilliant special effects, especially so in 3D.
    The point is, this movie was pretty good considering the precedent set by previous disasters like Prisoner of Azkaban.


  2. Shalmali – Lol. I tried to keep this spoiler free! I didn't like Snape's memories – sure, he was in love – but I just never pictured him as such a soppy person! I didn't like that no one saw how Harry killed Voldemort or heard how Snape was good. I hated the fight between Voldy and Harry – where they literally duel and try to squeeze each other's throats and stuff – if either has the Elder Wand, that shouldn't have been possible! I hated that you don't really understand why the end happens, and end up thinking Harry is some strong, brave guy who can win a duel with Voldemort! Doesn't that kind of spoil the whole story?
    I mean they explained every scene in painful detail and since Harry could hear Horcruxes, it was obvious he was one – but they couldn't spare time for that final talk?
    I never liked any of the movies after the first two movies! I am not going to go out of my way to say I like this one either!!


  3. There haven't been many movies I've heard of that have lived to the expectations of the book they were based on. Personally, I like Lord of the Rings, it's epic. And A walk to remember maybe.

    Blasphemous Aesthete


  4. Blasphemous Aesthete – I agree! But there are very few people who'd agree with me in case of the Harry Potter movies! I haven't seen the LOTR films, nor read the books most unfortunately. I have seen A Walk To Remember though, but 'cause romance isn't my favourite genre, I didn't read the book!


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