Follow the Blurb Challenge

I came across the Follow the Blurb Reading Challenge over at Jennifer’s Reading with Tequila. I haven’t participated in any reading challenges till date (and it has nothing to do with my very busy schedule.)

“The plan is simple. I’m going to choose a book to read. Once I finish that book, I’ll choose a blurb from the front or back cover and read a book written by the quoted author. I’ll read 10 books in this fashion, just to see where I end up. Will all the books have a common theme? Will they be in the same genre? Will all of the authors be the same gender or ethnicity? Will they all have the same publisher? Are they all equally well known? Or will the books appear to be nothing more than a completely random list?”

The Challenge with run from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012 – and since ten books in a year doesn’t exactly sound impossible, I’m in!

My Blurb Journey: (click on the title for the review!)

Blurb: “A glorious balancing act between modernism and the Victorian fairy tale, done with heart and wisdom” – Neil Gaiman

Blurb: “Gaiman has managed to tell the tallest of tales in the most heartrending and believable fashion, despite the story’s truly mythic scale. It is an important, essential book. As Pablo Neruda once said of another world-class novel, not to read it is the same as never having tasted an orange.” – Jonathan Carroll

Blurb: “I can’t remember when I’ve been so blown away by a fantasy novel.” – Stephen King

4. Cujo Stephen King

(There was no blurb – so I am using the one by Lee Child on King’s Under the Dome – which I’m adding to my TBR list!)
Blurb: “Seven words: The best yet from the best ever.”

5. Lee Child

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