A 100 posts & yet another “Thanks”!

I was at, what I love to call “work” the other day, doodling away (along the margins of an article about Roald Dahl, which I was supposed to be reading) waiting for some real work to come along.

Unfortunately, and as I have already said before, I never did read much of Dahl. I was more of an Enid Blyton fan and progressed on to being a Harry Potter fanatic. So, if there’s one author I regret not reading before, more than Roald Dahl – it is Dianna Wynne Jones. The woman is a genius! After meeting characters like Christopher Chant and Wizard Howl Pendragon and after um.. ‘visiting’ the Moving Castle and the Parallel Worlds, Hogwarts loses a bit of its charm. I’m just saying. It’s a pity I never read her books before she passed away.

I am currently reading “Dogsbody”, written by Diana Wynne Jones in 1975. The god Sirius, the denizen of the Dog Star is punished for a murder he did not commit! He is banished to the earth, reborn as a puppy, to recover a mysterious Zoi (using which he is supposed to have attacked another “luminary”!) As Sirius struggles with his life as a dog, he also struggles with memories of a past as a luminary. Soon, this little dog sets out on an adventure, to hunt for the Zoi that will set him free!

Like all of Diana Wynne Jones’ books, this is a charming, wistful and magical tale, that keeps you involved throughout, with bits of humour here and there! I’m sure this will end up in my favourite fantasy books right alongside The Lives of Christopher Chant and Howl’s Moving Castle!!
The way I see it, I would not have read these books had I not started blogging. Or one of the much-too-discussed “Metro Reads” by Penguin India that I normally skeptically smirk at. Or YA authors like Holly Black and Suzanne Collins. Not that I particularly liked most, but hey, you can’t say you don’t like it till you try! I wouldn’t have given any fantasy author a chance over J. K. Rowling and I would have missed reading some really amazing books.
Phew! Did I mention this is my 100th post? Yay!! After spending a hundred hours thinking up a hundred different ways of making my hundredth post special – I realized that the more I think, the worse the post becomes! It’s just a number, anyway. So I wrote this – a thanks to the blogging world for giving me a new favourite author! Did I mention I LOVE blogging?

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