10 Reasons why I love Book Blogging!

Happy 1 year Blogoversary to The Broke and the Bookish!! Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. Each week there is a new Top Ten list complete with one bloggers’ answers. This week’s topic:

Top Ten Reasons I Love Being A Book Blogger

1. Writing: I get to do what I love the most on a regular basis!! And ever since I started blogging about books, I never ran out of topics. Book blogging got rid of that occasional case of writer’s block!

2. Coming out of my shell: I didn’t start this as a book blog, and I still do post other stuff as well. But I never talked about books as much as I now do. I guess finding so many fellow book bloggers has made me way more expressive than I was! Which brings me to my next point.

3. Getting to know other bookish people: Ironically, I don’t have many “real-life” friends who love reading as much as I do. And most of those who do like reading, don’t read the type of books that I do! Blogging gave me the chance to interact with so many like-minded readers.

4. Recommendations: Not to mention, all the wonderful book recommendations. There are so many books I read, so many new, wonderful authors I came across, since I started reading book blogs.

5. Book Reviews: I love reading book reviews, almost as much as I love reading books! I like to know what other people think about a book I’ve read!!

6. Authors: Getting to know so many authors, reading what they are upto and better yet, interacting with your favourite writers; that’s definitely one of the best things about being a book blogger.

7. No Boredom: Having something to do all the time; reading or blogging about reading!

8. Leaving my comfort zone: For good! I’ve read so many books from so many different genres in the past few months, books that were recommended to me that I would never have picked up myself – YA, for one.

9. Keeping Record: I never really kept record of the books I read. Now I set goals and challenge myself to read and actually follow through with it. And…I avoid making excuses about not having time to read!!

10. A huge TBR heap: I am never going to have ‘nothing good to read’, for at least the next hundred years!

12 thoughts on “10 Reasons why I love Book Blogging!”

  1. Great list! Pretty identical to mine actually! It seems everyone gets into/stays in book blogging for the same reasons, which is really great!


  2. Yes, I like your list. I like reviewing all my reads, too. It's nice to be able to look back and see what I thought about books I've read.

    I'm happy I became a book blogger, too. Here's my list of Ten Reasons Why I'm Happy I Became a Book Blogger (and a Bookish Person).


  3. Such a good list… especially the part about keeping track of what you read. Before book blogging I NEVER kept track, and now I always d and it's just so much better.

    My ten reasons I love book blogging.

    ALSO: I love your blog name and title. Dollhouse FTW.


  4. I can identify with every point on your list! My TBR list has never been so big (and diverse), and setting goals for myself has given me an anchor in a big, sometimes scary world. Great list!


  5. Kayleigh – I know what you mean, that IS great 🙂

    Deb Nance At Readerbuzz – True, it's crazy, but I sometimes end up liking a book that I didn't like, after reading someone good review of it! Then I re-read the book!!

    BookBelle – Thanks. Wow, a book journal seems like a great idea!!

    Rachit – Of course!

    Jordyn – Originally that was a Buffy reference, but yeah, Dollhouse too. Hah, Joss Whedon FTW.

    Couchpotatocritic – Thanks, I know what you mean. And yeah, I love Pratchett and Discworld and Death. And ' The Hogfather' is awesome. 🙂


  6. Amazing reasons 🙂 blogging itself is such a fun filled phenomenon, plus doing it your favorite way adds to the flavour 🙂
    Good going book blogger 🙂


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