Blame It on the Weatherman

It’s raining like crazy. I hope it stops raining. I love to sit at home and read and sip hot coffee while it’s raining outside. When I was a kid I used to love to play in all the puddles! I used to love the rains – the smell of the mud and the lush green grass, that sort of thing – until I started having to drive myself home from places. I was coming home from class the other day, and I was soaked and stuck in a huge traffic jam and feeling pretty sorry for myself, when I saw this car next to me – a wedding car. Can you imagine? Just stuck there for over an hour. There was the couple in the back seat looking absolutely miserable – and suddenly I felt a lot better. There is a mean satisfaction in knowing someone’s having a way worse time than you!

Incidentally, my pet cats had the first rains of their lives this time. I spent a whole lot of time yesterday building a sort of a “cat kennel” in my back yard, where they could spend the night without getting wet! Now all I have to do is wait and see how long it takes them to rip it to shreds. The cats are all grown up, about to turn one now, but that doesn’t stop them from running for their lives, tail between the legs, every time it starts to even drizzle. It’s fun to watch!!

Not always, though. You know, we were waiting outside this hotel the other day and it was raining pretty heavily. Anyway, I saw a furry white cat, completely soaked, trotting along the street with a piece of meat in its mouth. Personal experience made me wonder why it wasn’t hiding. But this cutie calmly jumped its way up on the roof of a hut and under some branches of a tree above. I heard small high pitched mews and could make out three of the sweetest little kittens scampering up to their mommy. The cat went on to feed the meat to those tiny balls of fur, licking them and gently playing about with them. It was adorable.

2 thoughts on “Blame It on the Weatherman”

  1. My dog loves to play in the rain! He always wants to go out when it's raining….I have to wash him everytime cuz he gets all dirty in the mud! Aren't pets fun!


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