CWW: Silhouette Poetry

This week, students of the ongoing CWW batch tried their hand at creating poems with interesting silhouettes. Shape poems create a shape thematically connected with the subject of the poem. One of the many strategies where structural constraints result in lexical innovation! That is to say, restrictions don’t limit you, but rather, enable you to be even more creative.

Poetry is not everyone’s cup of tea, but a great advantage of this kind of poetry is that is facilitates the development of vocabulary. When you’re forced to write within that shape, you start to think outside the box! Sharing a couple of lovely creations from this class!

Try it yourself! Select an easily recognisable silhouette like a cloud, a droplet or a moon or a house, and pen your poem within its borders. When you’re done, erase the outline. In a matter of minutes, the poem comes to life.