Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn

The mirror exclaimed in quite a boisterous voice, “You know, there’s just one word for your zany spectacles: UGLY”.

I know, anthropomorphic much? Just a sentence I was trying out, a pangram (a sentence containing all the letters of the alphabet) actually! I guess I should work on the part where you have to use minimum letters.

So, this is the thing my mirror is referring to:

I notice my reflection in the mirror. It reminds me of those times, when I wore those specs of mine.
I definitely don’t miss putting on those specs. It’s not been long since I took them off. The ones which I’ve worn since forever! Not genuine specs but pretend specs.
They modified my thought. I often tended to see things differently. I used to judge people, form stereotypes. But I see now how it’s wrong.
I did numerous things these recent couple of months which helped me see the ‘true truth’, unlike my own “beliefs”. Some things I wouldn’t commit to liking turned out to be pretty wonderful. Books, movies, not to mention, writing blogs! This surely delighted me.
So, now my specs? Yes, they’re off for good.

Wow. That was anything but easy. Although, ‘fun’ is definitely one of the things it was. Notice anything different? No ‘a’s in the above italicized paragraphs.
I don’t need to say it, do I? True, that was a very, very poor attempt at writing without an alphabet. But, I’ve got time to work on it. I have decided to do this one at a time with every single of the 26 alphabets; then maybe we can thinking of not using two at time. And I’ll make it a point to write longer, sensible-er things next time! Gosh, I have a long way to go!
What brought this on?

Well, I recently read the book ‘Ella Minnow Pea’ by Mark Dunn. Ella Minnow Pea (‘LMNOP’) is a girl who lives on a small island called Nollop. This little island was supposed to be the home to Nevin Nollop, the guy who created the panagram ‘Quick brown fox jumps over the lazy goat.” There is his old statue on the island, with the pangram written below it. However, the rusty alphabets begin to fall off one by one, and along with them the language of the island begins to crumble. Every time a letter falls off it is assumed by the islanders as a message from Nollop himself to stop using that alphabet forever. Since the books is written in the form of letters that Ella writes, the author also stops using the letters once they fall off.
That book is pure, unadulterated fun; you should really check it out.

And what I tried to write (the specs thing), weird as it may sound, is true. But more on that later! As for my real spectacles, I still have to wear them. Rather unfortunate, don’t you think?

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