Bye-bye Creativity

I just witnessed, what I imagine, was the last ounce of creativity in my head, force its way out of it, slide down to my shoulder, jump onto my knee and then on the ground. Then it hastily ran away without looking back for even a second! I am not kidding. It was the size of a garden gnome, and it was shaped kind of like a dew drop just about to fall off a leaf, and it was a weird translucent combination of newspaper print and bright blue colour. It had spindly arms and legs, brown like wood polish, I think; I couldn’t get a closer look!

I have been running very low on imagination for the past couple of days, in the midst of all the exam preparations. So I should have guessed this would happen sooner or later. But it still came as a shock, and now, well, I feel like I have been kissed. By a Dementor, that is.

Maybe it will come back to me in a couple of days, I really need it, specially in time for my exam on Monday! The least I can do is hope.
As for this poor blog, it is going to be more stagnant than the rivers of Pune (and that’s saying something!), at least for a while. Let’s pray for the best, shall we?

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