Kitten Love :)

I have loved pets ever since I was a little kid, cats to be precise. I have had more than 20 pet cats over the years, or just strays who lived with us, and I still love all of them. Every pet was special in its own way!

A few years back, I was playing in the backyard with one of my cats, Manya, when he suddenly started growling and his hair started to rise! He was usually a very good boy, so this sudden behaviour surprised me. Something was bothering him. Then I heard it too, a soft meow; well, soft to my ears. I calmed him down and looked around a bit. And there in our neighbours yard, was a little white kitten, only about a month old.

She looked sick, and her fur was shedding off. Her pale yellow eyes looked lifeless. Unable to just leave her there, I called to her and went inside to bring some food. When I came back there she was in our yard, sniffing Manya’s nose curiously. Ever the gentleman, he didn’t growl, and waited patiently for her to go! I looked at her, wondering where she came from.
I knew she wasn’t lost, because she would have been instinctively scared of other cats. But she wasn’t scared of me either. She wasn’t lost, no, I was pretty sure she was left there by someone. I fed her and cleaned her and decided to take her in, what difference would one extra cat make when you already have ten!

As the months passed, she grew into a real beauty. She was lively and playful, and one of the smartest cats I have seen. Everyone loved her. She used to curl up in my lap and play with me. Her bright twinkling yellow eyes really made your heart melt. I always wished whoever left that little angel there would really pay for it somehow!!

And then she got sick, or maybe she always was sick. We may not have done everything that was possible for her; but we thought we did the best we could. But even then she was just the same old joyful self. You’d never find her sitting or lazing around, no, she’d be outside playing! She had a spark in her eyes; if I ever had to tell anyone what hope looks like, that was it right there, the spark. We never would have guessed she was hurting. I don’t know how much thinking animals are capable of, and I’m sure it’s not much, but whenever I think of her, I imagine her fighting to live, not ever giving up.

One day, just as suddenly as she’d stepped into our lives, she was gone. It’s the little things in life that matter the most. Seeing that tiny little soul face every obstacle in its way with a happy heart, not knowing or caring what was about to come next, taught me a lot more than some self help book about someone from across the globe. I will always remember her, that little miracle!

3 thoughts on “Kitten Love :)”

  1. Ya, she was really that cute!! Even my cat-hating friends loved her! Thanks!
    The first picture is how she was when she came, and the next pictures are how wonderful she became!


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