Why Poetry Sucks

Poetry sucks; well 99% of it, anyway. I hate poetry; even the 1% that doesn’t suck as much as the rest. I can recall only two poems that I’ve actually ever really liked(and they were not in any way based on sadness). Usually it’s too vague, too depressing, and most of it doesn’t have a clear message.

All the poems that you’ll find strewn all over the internet are something else: usually it’s a combination of some glittery anime picture or a sunset picture with a couple standing there, or just any revoltingly romantic picture and a few non-rhyming lines with words that you’ll never use while writing or talking squeezed in there just for the sake of it. Of course, it has to be about either death or love. And the basic principle is – the less you understand it; the better it is. Kind of like modern art all over again, huh? It’s depressing to see so many people waste so much time on being depressing!

I don’t deny that it’s hard to write: all the haikus and acrostics and all. But why write it, right?! Why does anyone need to write a poem with “17 syllables divided into three phrases of 5, 7 and 5 syllables” which is what I think a haiku is?! So what if it’s difficult; writing with your feet is difficult – doesn’t mean it has a point!

My views on poetry are basically summed up by Jess Mariano in Gilmore Girls: “I can’t get into poetry. It’s kind of like, geez, just say it already, we’re dying here.”

11 thoughts on “Why Poetry Sucks”

  1. @Shalmali 🙂 You know who should read this – Soniya!!! 😛
    @Harish Ofcourse, it's just that I don't like this particular kind 😀


  2. YES! me too (although I like Fatty's poems more!)- but that's not one of the two funny poems I was referring to – you, of all people, should know which they are!!


  3. Well, it basically boils down to hating emo and self hating nature.Its human to get depressed when shit goes down with you but you don't have to cut your wrists and make novels/movies like Twilight.Simple 😀


  4. Most poems are just the way described. And I hate most them.

    But there some poems which are really good too. The problem is that I can count them on my fingers…

    And I don't get it why people write poems when they could make songs. Aren't they a lot better?


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