“One word, made up: Douchepocalypse.”

Lately, what with having fractured my hand (isn’t it cool how I can type, but I can’t write or do any other important work?), I have had pretty much nothing to do. Naturally, I sit at home, glued to the computer, all day.

Now, if you are as crazy about How I Met Your Mother as I am, you have probably recognized the title as a dialogue from the episode Robots vs. Wrestlers. Yep, that’s what Barney Stinson says about a party full of ‘stuffy, pretentious snoots’. There are two things that totally crack me up in that episode: first, the part where Marshall says that William Defoe sounds like a frog talking to a parrot(it totally does!); and second, how totally excited Ted is about meeting the editor of the New York Times crossword. That’s what I was watching today, when I realized that I’ve never ever tried solving a crossword puzzle!

A few months back, one of my best friends wrote a totally inspiring blog post on how she loves solving rubik’s cubes. I’ve never tried solving one; and I don’t think I’ll be able to, either. I was obsessed, though, with playing all sorts of word games a few years back. My sister and I used to literally spend hours solving word jumbles together. I remember one time we were playing Word Challenge on Facebook; and by the time we were ready to stop, my hands had turned into claws and her eyes were hurting! So, quite confident about it; I decided to try solving a crossword today, you know, just to see if I could.

I wasn’t quite pleased with myself, though, when after a few minutes, the only two things I had managed to “solve” were: ”Four letters, Red Planet” and ”___, humbug”! Even after some time, it just got worse: I only got two more words, one of which was a name. As you can imagine, it didn’t take long for me to realize that I suck at solving crosswords. A lot. Maybe it’ll take lot more time and practice for me to get to the point where I can solve an entire crossword, or understand what Ted says about the whole lyric baritone thing.

At least I know I still have a long way to go before I reach that level of ultimate douchiness. That’s definitely a relief!

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8 thoughts on ““One word, made up: Douchepocalypse.””

  1. Sad to hear about your arm. anyways if you can type i think its not serious. my thing is sudoku. i play for hours solving much to the irritation of friends. crosswords are horrible.. good luck on your way to douchiness.


  2. Thanks!!
    Yah i know it's not that serious, i just have to keep that plaster thing on for 15 more days! 😦
    I had a thing for sudoku too, but I'm not really a maths person, so that didn't last long!


  3. First of all I wish that you recover soon. Secondly I am one of the craziest fan of HIMYM. I can see an entire season at a stretch 😛 I remember this episode, at the end of which they find Ted's douchepocalypse.:D

    Take care and keep enjoying HIMYM!

    Btw, hope you like reading my post – When love calls


  4. in a fracture movement of fingures is adviced by dr. my son too had fractured arm at school, and he was avid gameboy player, in fracture too. it helped his recovery fast.
    nice ,rich way of writing.


  5. Oh, I love solving Rubik's Cube too. 😀

    But unfortunately I broke my cube about a month ago. This reminds me that I got to buy a new one. Thanks!

    And yes, I love How I Met Your Mother too!!! (Isn't it awesome?) XD

    Btw, I never tried to solve a crossword puzzle. I think I am going to try now! 🙂


  6. Crosswords aren't that hard a little practice will get you to that level!! I'm going to rewatch that episode now that you have mentioned it!
    Nice one!


  7. @anikthink, You should definitely try; I hope you are better than me 🙂
    @comicbooknerd, Well, now that you said it, I'm going to go re-watch it too!! 😀


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