“Friendship Day” – pfft

My best friend of seventeen years(which in our case, is our whole life) left to another city a few days back! After that, I had gone into a full-on needs-to-write-something-very-cliched mode! And I knew what I wanted to write – all that I didn’t say to her to keep from turning our happy little bye-bye into a mourning session! But I didn’t want us to just fall apart either. I was kind of bummed.
Till last night, when she called me. And we talked. For hours. And I realized everything is just the same! Sure, I won’t be able to call her to fix my stupid phone the next time it starts acting crazy; I won’t be able to kill time at her place. I hate that the next time it’s raining; no one will offer to ride MY bike for me!! I hate how much I’m going to miss her! But that doesn’t change the fact that we’ll always remain best friends. When you have known someone for all of your life and theirs – distances don’t have any meaning any more! We have shared some of the BEST and the WORST times in our lives- and NO amount of distance, or anything can take that away from us! Sure, we won’t have anything like the past seventeen years ever again, whether we like that or not! But, hell, she’ll always stay my best friend.
I was never the kind of person who celebrated Friendship Day! Neither of us were! Reserving a special ‘day’ for what we have seems kind of lame! And still, I wish she was here so I could smirk and say to her something like – “Please, how stupid is the whole ‘celebrating Frienship Day thing’?!”
And there you go! Just as I finished writing this – I got this text message from her:
It sounds weird to wish happy friendship day so rather thank you for all that you hav been in my life and done for me!
(Gah! I wish I had said it first, before writing this stupid post)

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