You usually start your blog with a “What got me into blogging” kind of an introductory post. In my case, the question should be “who” instead of “what”; and the answer is a rather long and uninteresting story. So, I’ll skip to the part where I write a bit about myself.

Apart from being overly obsessed with cats, I love reading (recently developed an obsession with fantasy fiction), writing, watching just about anything on TV, painting, birding, traveling. It’s usually things that I can do alone. I’m really shy; and honestly, quite terrible at striking up conversations. I just talk to people I know – talk a lot to them, though.

Writing a blog isn’t going to turn me from a reserved, likes-to-keep-to-herself kind of a girl into a social butterfly! But then, here I am; actually writing a blog post about not writing a blog till now – something that would have been out of question just a few weeks back. And this is what this blog going to be for me – a clean slate. Tabula rasa.

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