a blank slate

a blank slate

Happy 2nd Blogiversary to Me!

So, readers, today, Tabula Rasa turns 2 and I wanted to (finally) host my first book giveaway (which would have been fun, considering I’ve got a job now, so it would have literally been MY giveaway.) But as it turns out, I completely forgot about the Blogiversary (Did I mention, YAY!!) until today morning – so no giveaway right now.

I have to say, two years seems like a very long time. I still remember, with much fondness, my first few posts. I had a lot of thoughts; well, I have always had a lot of thoughts. But, I had sort of an awkward, jumbled-up way of expressing them. See for yourself. What started out as just any other blog, soon became dominated by bookish posts, even as my life became considerably dominated by books.

I have had some amazing, shocking, exciting, almost life-altering experiences ever since I started Tabula Rasa: receiving my first ever review copy through another Book site, receiving my first ever review copy directly from the author, getting my first blog awardthis (which I suppose, speaks for itself!), having someone whose blog I love say that they like mine (it came as a shock), having an official Stephen King page (apparently) tweet my review, getting my posts/blog selected on sites such Blogadda and Blogjunta (don’t have any links), and even writing book reviews for an online magazine (of sorts) for a while.

I was happily surprised to see an increasing number of followers and readers, apart from family and friends. I saw my writing becoming much more confident, I found my voice; in fact, I was even able to write some non-awkward, non-joking posts such as this or this, about things that matter. Not to mention, only a minute ago, I realized I am now finally not annoyed by casual dismissal; which I always find worse than outright criticism. Seems like one hell of a journey, doesn’t it?

Last year, I found a bookish template that just “feels right” for my blog.
I also wrote an About Me page that contains more about me, than the line “Life is like a box of Bertie Botts’ Every Flavour Beans, you never know what you’ll get next.” ever did (which I should have copyrighted, by the way, as soon as I thought of it, to avoid the Ross Geller-Got Milk? situation, that it eventually led to.) I have drafts of Blogroll and Reviews Pages, waiting to be edited and published; which I will do sometime next week.

And now, I am looking forward to celebrating the day with a good book and a nice cup of coffee, like any regular anti-social blogger.

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