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Month: June 2010

“What do women REALLY want?”

People love to create stereotypes. Or arbitrarily create a set of rules to follow. There are people who make lists like – ‘Ten things women want from men’, and ‘Ten things men want women to know.”. There are people who call the earlier lists rubbish, while listing their own theories about the “Ten things to know about the opposite sex”. And then there are people who laugh at all the lists and proceed to enlighten everyone about “the ugly truths”. What a person wants depends on the person, not his gender. I fail to understand why people just can’t accept that.
I’ll do my part and enlighten you about my theory. The only thing women want now is, I’m sure, to understand what men really want. And vice versa.
So, you see the problem here? While there is no problem at all to begin with, all the wondering what everyone wants creates such confusion that it becomes a problem, which no one is trying to solve, because they are busy wondering what the other person exactly wants. And since no one finds any answer, because there is no answer, the confusion ends bitterly. And then they conveniently conclude that the only reason things didn’t work out was the fact that they didn’t know what the other person wanted. And then, there are new lists. It’s really a vicious cycle, you know.
Now, I’m no expert on relationships, but I can imagine it would be something like this:
The guy decides to talk about his feelings, since he feels that that’s what women want. The girl wonders why the guy, who is supposed to be so simple, is talking about his feelings. The girl figures there must be something wrong. All the while, the guy wonders why ‘talking about his feelings’ isn’t giving the expected results, and gets frustrated. The girl, in the meantime, decides to ask the guy if there’s anything wrong with him. The guy snaps at her, frustrated. And the fight starts…
Or, something like this:
The girl puts on a hideous dress, and decides to tease the guy by asking him how it looks. (I know, girls sometimes do just inexplicable things). The guy dutifully replies, “It looks beautiful”! And the fight starts…
It’s no wonder that people have been perplexed by what the opposite sex exactly wants for ages!
The solution, probably, is to forget all about what anyone wants, and just be yourself. But if that sounds too cliched for your taste, you can continue with your ‘wondering what the other person wants’. I choose the easiest way out – make fun of everyone!

This is in response to ‘What Women Want’, by blogadda with pringoo
Geek Grrl

Geek Grrl
Geek Grrl

Nargles, Wrackspurts and Blibbering Humdingers.

When you think about your favourite novel, where do you really start? There are so many books that can be called memorable, that make you nostalgic of the time when you loved them. There are so many books that you’ll love even years later only because you loved them years ago. I remember when I was a kid and there was nothing more imaginative and creative than Enid Blyton’s stories. I also remember the countless Famous Fives and Five Find-Outers that I read. Back then, I couldn’t have imagined better books.

It’s hard to pick the most memorable book. Right from my childhood favourite, A Book of Brownies by Enid Blyton, to the books I read in my ‘I-Worship-Ayn-Rand’ phase, to the book I last read, Thomas Harris’ Hannibal Lecter; it can be any of these! And it’s also hard to pick my oldest, most favourite book. But it’s only hard; not impossible.
Harry Potter. Yes, I am treating it like one whole book, one whole story. There’s nothing I have read, till date, that is more amazing, and more memorable than this book. It’s a classic, or it will be. If I think about it, some of my best memories are about this book or because of this book or even while reading this book.
I can think of a hundred reasons why I love this book, and they are all so obvious! It’s interesting, it’s fun, but more than anything – it’s different. Don’t tell me it’s not; don’t tell me it’s a copy of some book, don’t tell me Dumbledore’s exactly like Gandalf, only Gandalf’s better. That’s not why I call it different. No, I’ve read a lot of fantasy. But Harry Potter is realistic. It is believable. It’s an alternate world, yes, but it is not some outrageously different world. It’s actually pretty much like our own world, with magic in it. I think that makes it much, much better than most of the fantasy books I have read. There is an explanation for everything. It’s funny! Take mountaineering accidents, for example; who knew they were actually giants attacking people?! (Book 5 – Hagrid’s Tale). It makes you wonder if such things actually exist: not actually wonder, just consider the possibility. The feeling of “who knows?!”, that’s what I love the most about this book.
And there’s the way she writes, the quick wit, the stereotypical characters that you’ll find in every “Muggle” school as well (every class has a Hermione, a Luna, and an irritating pair of Lavender and Parvati), the adventure, the mystery, the way every piece fits – how all the books are interconnected, it seems as though she thought of all seven books together; it’s one whole story with seven books as seven chapters and Quidditch – who can think of anything more wonderful than Quidditch! Like I said, there are a hundred reasons.
So, when I say my favourite book is Harry Potter I think of reading the first book and falling hopelessly in love with it; endlessly talking about the books in school; the amazing Harry Potter quizzes and games and competitions; saying Lumos to put on lights(everyone does that!) or muttering Silencio when someone just won’t stop talking; waiting for the next book to release and dying to be the first one to read it so I could tell my friends the suspense; discussing what house we’d be in at Hogwarts; sitting in a boring Chemistry class wondering how helpful a Nosebleed Nougat would be right then; wishing I had Extendable Ears during vivas; forcing my father to read the book and seeing him get as hooked on it as me! I think many, many of the funnest moments in my life wouldn’t have happened if this book wasn’t there!
If you haven’t read/don’t like Harry Potter, I have to say, you are really missing out on a lot.

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